Kordon Termite Barrier

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The Kordon Termite Barrier provides both a physical and chemical barrier to Termite infestation. Developed in Australia by Bayer, the Kordon Termite Barrier has proven to be highly effective in preventing Termite infestations, whilst being highly flexible and suitable for a wide range of building applications. Robust and efficient to deploy, Kordon has proven to be the Termite barrier of choice for many leading home and commercials builders throughout Australia.

Kordon Features:

  • Kordon Termite BarrierKordon offers a ten year warranty.
  • Kordon is quickly and easily installed.
  • Kordon is allergen free.
  • Kordon is only installed by accredited staff.
  • Extensively tested by the C.S.I.R.O
  • Guaranteed correct application rate of termiticide
  • Installed by trained and accredited installers
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000
  • Long term protection for real peace of mind

How Kordon Works:

  • Kordon contains deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that kills termites which come into contact with it. Equally important, though, deltamethrin is a powerful termite repellent, so termites are very unlikely even to approach the barrier and attempt to breach it.
  • The deltamethrin is impregnated into a fibrous webbing which is then laminated on both sides. The top orange 200-micron plastic layer provides the moisture vapour barrier, while the bottom black plastic layer encapsulates, protects and completes the physical termite barrier.
  • Kordon is classified as a building product and it is approved for use in local government areas where soil termiticide treatments have been prohibited.