Flea Control

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Trimec Pest Solutions is able to assist you get rid of fleas in the house. If you have cats and dogs then you probably have had to deal with flea infestation at some time or other. Under lease agreements many landlords require you to have a had a spray treatment for fleas prior to you terminating your lease.

How to get rid of fleas:

A joint approach by the client with Trimec is required if a successful removal of the problem is going to take place. Prior to a Trimec Pest Controller arriving at the property the client must remove and wash any clothes which have been in contact with the floor or have been in affected area. Any item that cannot be washed should be put in a clothes drier for at least 15 minutes or placed in a freezer. . After the treatment the clothes etc. must either be sealed in plastic bags or kept on a different area. On signing up for a flea treatment the pest control manager would explain all that needs to be done to the client.

Once the client has completed their part of the treatment the Trimec Pest Controller comes in and sprays the whole property with a suitable insecticide. We spray including a growth inhibitor which will kill any fleas that hatch out after the date of the treatment. The flea treatment we use is very successful and removes the problem. Provided the client has carried out all their tasks as instructed we offer a guarantee with the flea treatment.

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