Bee Removal

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Trimec Pest Solutions offer a speedy service in getting rid of Bees. We send one of our ‘Bee Exterminators’ to your property and within a short while the problem has gone.

How to get rid of Bees:

The Trimec Pest Controller will locate the entrance to the nest which is found by watching the bees fly in and out of the nest. It is very important that homeowners don’t try to eliminate the problem by closing over the entrance to the nest. Our technician will then pump an insecticide powder into the nest and also will place the powder around the entrance to the nest thus ensuring that bees out foraging and feeding will get powder on them when they return to the nest. The powder is not harmful to animals or humans and in any case is pumped directly into the nest. The Bees should be gone in a day.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to return and give it a second treatment but this will be covered by the guarantee that comes with the treatment.

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