Mice Control

Mice Control 2017-05-31T09:33:15+10:00

Trimec Pest Solutions are able to control and remove your mouse problem. We don’t use Mouse Traps but control the pest using bait stations filled with suitable mouse bait. This is the most effective method of managing your rodent control.

Strong plastic lockable bait stations are loaded with large quantities of mouse bait and placed at strategic points where mouse activity has been seen. A common area where mouse activity is found is in the food preparation area and also any storage areas. Trimec often place bait stations in roofs where the noise of mouse movement has been heard by the client. The bait stations are placed a maximum of 3 meters apart along walls or in roofs. 50g bait is placed per bait station and it takes around 1g to kill a mouse. Most deaths occur 4 to 7 days after consumption of the bait. It is important that other sources of food are eliminated as far as practicable where the bait stations have been located.

Where there is a major infestation of mice it is advisable to refill the bait stations initially every 2 months, however, if there is minimal activity 4 monthly refilling is adequate. Having put bait stations in place Trimec should be called back after 2 months have elapsed to ascertain how much of the bait has been consumed. Based on consumption we can establish the time period between future visits.

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