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Protect your family and your property with a Trimec Mouse Bait System. Our safe and secure mouse bait stations are highly durable and are constructed from rugged ABS plastic. These bait stations are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rodenticide inside the bait stations is secured safely within the station and is inaccessible from children and pets. This provides you with a clean, safe and convenient way to eradicate these unhygienic and destructive rodents from your home fast!

Did you know that typically adult mice produce between 50 and 75 droppings a day? Any reasonable sized mouse infestation can produce thousands of mouse droppings in the space of a couple of weeks. These mouse droppings are very unhygienic and can harbor disease, including Hantavirus. Mice can also be incredibly destructive in their search for food, gnawing through cardboard boxes, plastic containers and the like when hungry. They also have a tendency to eat through electrical wiring and dishwasher drain hoses, potentially starting fires, flooding your home or at the very least creating an expensive appliance repair bill.

Needless to say it is imperative that you eliminate these pests from your home as quickly and effectively as possible. The Trimec Mouse Bait System is a fast solution that it is highly cost effective, especially when compared with having professional pest controllers conduct the eradication. The Trimec Mouse Bait System is available in 2 convenient sizes and we post Australia wide.Mouse Bait Stations

5 Station Pack (suitable for flats and apartments) $47 (Includes postage)
10 Station Pack (Suitable for family homes and Commercial premises) $87 (Includes postage)
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Bait Station Pack Size

The active ingredient within the bait stations is Brodifacoum, which is a highly effective rodent anticoagulant. It can kill an adult mouse after a single feeding and provides highly effective mouse control.

Bait Station Placement:

Mice seldom stray far from their nests and food sources, so it is important to place the bait stations in as close a proximity to these locations as possible. Primary placements include inside cupboards in the kitchen and adjacent to obvious mouse holes. Mice are random feeders so you need to place at least 5 bait stations, in many places, preferably no more than 3 meters apart.

Of course if you would rather leave the extermination to the professionals then Trimec are happy to come out and handle the extermination for you.