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Trimec’s qualified ant exterminators have  extensive experienced in the control and removal of ants and their colonies. The key to preventing further ant infestations is successfully breaking the life cycle of the colony.

Trimec  together with most homeowners, know that in order to get rid of ants, it is not enough to simply get rid of those that venture into your kitchen. Most ant species live in densely populated nests (which are usually underground or otherwise hidden from sight). The nest can be over 100m from their food source. While there are a range of insecticides that both repel and eliminate nuisance ants, failing to eliminate the nest will not remove the problem from your property.

Ants can attack a range of stored foods (mostly those containing sugar, oils and high levels of protein) and have been known to spread diseases and bacteria such as salmonella. In the garden, ants can carry away seeds and damage plants and the excavation of soil for underground nest sites can cause damage such as cracking in paths and driveways. A small number of species have been known to damage electrical wiring while others are capable of inflicting a painful sting.

How to get rid of Ants:

Trimec Pest Solutions use a range of preventative and reactive ant treatments, the most effective being the use of non-repellent systemic pesticides and professional grade ant baits. It is absolutely vital that you do not disturb trailing or foraging ants and take note of their location. Trimec Pest Control technicians will use this information when locating and treating the source of the problem.

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