Cockroach Control

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Trimec Pest Solutions are the experts to call when you have a Cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are a major problem for the restaurant and hospitality industry; however, they are also a very common pest in homes. Cockroaches love moisture, grease and waste food and are very good at hiding away from you when you are trying to exterminate them.

Trimec take a three pronged attach to the treatment of Cockroaches:

  1. We spray the area with a residual spray that will kill any cockroaches that it comes in contact with and will leave a barrier when it dries.
  2. We use cockroach baits which are placed in strategic positions where kitchen staff can’t accidentally get it on their hands.
  3. Lastly we pace a non-repellent dust in places where we cannot spray and where we know cockroaches like to go. An example of this would be behind dishwashers or fridges.

If you have suddenly found that you have cockroaches in your home then it is advisable to have the pest treated immediately before they increase into a major infestation. Treatment is relatively inexpensive and very effective. If you own a restaurant, bar or other hospitality business then it is advisable to sign up to a regular programme of treatment so that the cockroach problem is kept under control. All the treatments we use are suitable for kitchens and other food preparation areas.

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