Bed Bug Control

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Use Trimec Pest Solutions specialized knowledge to get rid of bed bugs. Bed Bugs are becoming a real problem in most of the cities of Australia and especially around Melbourne. They can be transferred by backpackers and other people who have to travel away from home either on business or on holiday. Once you have them, bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of and you will need specialist help to eradicate the problem.

What does bed bug treatment involve? If you are uncertain as to whether you have bed bugs as you are suffering from insect bites but haven’t seen any bed bugs, then Trimec Pest Solutions will come and do an inspection. We will either confirm you have bed bugs or give you peace of mind in proving that you don’t have a problem.

Treating bed bugs is a difficult process and involves very close co-operation between the Trimec Pest Control manager and the client. All clothes and material in close proximity to the affected area must be removed by the client and washed or placed in a drier. It is essential that the temperature is kept above 60 degrees for at least 15 minutes. Trimec will explain in detail to the client what is required prior to the treatment commencing. The next step is for Trimec to steam treat all the areas in the room affected, including the mattress. Simply chemically treating the area does not kill the bed bug eggs as they are resistant to insecticides and this is why we spend a lot of time steaming all the affected areas. Lastly the areas are sprayed with a suitable insecticide. We strongly suggest that the client does not try to use an insecticide available from retail outlets to treat the bed bugs as this doesn’t kill the bed bugs or their eggs but drives them to hide in other areas.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bed bug infestation then talk to us today about getting the problem treated. It is vital that the correct process is used if the treatment is going to be successful.

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