Termite Inspections

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Trimec Pest Solutions are specialized in conducting Termite Inspections throughout the state of Victoria. Our professional and experienced termite inspectors will visit your property and do a very detailed inspection to see if you have Termites and also evaluate the risk of your property being infested by Termites.

Termite Control

If you are purchasing a new property we will carry out the pre-purchase inspection.

Your warranty conditions recommend that you have an annual inspection in accordance with AS 3660.2. If you have a barrier in place, such as a kordon termite barrier, a visual inspection is all that is necessary. If you don’t have barrier protection in place then you will require a much more in depth inspection. Whatever your need we will be able to carry out the correct inspection to satisfy the Australian standards. We use the latest technology for measuring moisture, temperature and use radar techniques.

On completion of the inspection you will be provided with a report which will state whether you have termites and what the risk to your property from termite infestation is. We also inform you of the most suitable methodology to deal with the Termite problem if they have been found.